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Thank you for your interest in actively participating in the project's development! Please read the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct and the Contributor License Agreement first.

The project is based on re-frame, a framework for building Modern Web Apps in ClojureScript. You should probably take a look at their exceptional documentation.

App structure

Main structure

├── renderer\     <--- renderer process
├── main.cljs     <--- main process
└── preload.cljs  <--- preload script

We are trying to split our code under renderer into relatively independent modules, following re-frame's app structure suggestions with some minor additions.

├── core.cljs     <--- entry point
├── db.cljs       <--- schema, validation
├── views.cljs    <--- reagent views
├── events.cljs   <--- event handlers
├── effects.cljs  <--- effectful handlers
├── subs.cljs     <--- subscription handlers
├── handlers.cljs <--- helper functions for db transformations
└── styles.css    <--- styles

How to build it locally

System Requirements

Clone the project.

git clone
Go into the directory.
cd studio
Install the dependencies, build the app and watch the project files.
npm install && npm run dev
Run electron on a different terminal.
npm run electron

Useful development shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+I Toggle devtools
Ctrl+H Toggle 10x
Ctrl+R Reload app